5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To A Minimalist Wallet

1. Prevent Back Pain

No joke! A fat wallet in your back pocket can cause back pain because it puts pressure on your hip joint and the sciatic nerve in your back. It can also tilt your pelvis to one side, which puts pressure on the lower back. 

The slim wallet can reduce the pressure since it will reduce your everyday carry to just a few cards and cash, and you can put it in your front pocket.

2. Less Chance Of Being Stolen By Pickpockets

If you live in a city or urban areas and you have a back pocket wallet, your chance of being a victim of pickpocket is high. On average, there are about 400,000 pickpocket incidents per year. Below are the top 10 worst cities for pickpocket.

1. Barcelona, Spain

2. Rome, Italy

3. Prague, Czech Republic

4. Madrid, Spain

5. Paris, France

6. Florence, Italy

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

9. Athens, Greece

10. Hanoi, Vietnam

Carry a minimalist wallet in your front pocket to ease your mind and it is great for traveling too (especially in Europe).

3. Complement Your Dapper Style 

Let's face it, fat wallets are not sexy. Especially if you maintain a slim profile. A fat wallet stuffed in your pocket looks like a tumor sticking out of your leg. It looks unnatural with the rest of your dapper outfit. 

The slim wallet is trendy and fashionable no matter what kind of outfit you are wearing. It doesn't stick out of your pocket like the dad's wallet and you can put it in your jacket pocket, front pocket or back pocket.

4. Easier To Use

Do you really need to keep on old receipts from years ago or business cards from an acquaintance? Thanks to technology, there is no reason to keep those crummy old paper when there are a lot of apps that can store it for you.

The slim wallets were built to carry only a few cards and cash because that's all you need. It will force you to be an efficient carrier and you will be able to find your cards and cash easier compared to a fat dad wallet.

5. Helps You Manage Your Finance Better

Most people probably don't realize this but a minimalist wallet can help you from overspending.

With a regular bi-fold fat wallet, you can carry an unlimited number of credit cards and cash and you feel obligated to use it.

With a slim wallet, you can only carry a few credit cards and cash. It forces to be discipline with your everyday carry since you will have less spending power at your disposal. 

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