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Our number one goal is to provide a modern, minimalist, and long lasting wallet.

To accomplish our goal, we are focusing on every little detail in handcrafting a wallet.

Because when it comes to leather craftsmanship, the details are what make a leather wallet last for a few months or many years.

The type of leather, the design and the finishes are important parts in creating a great wallet.

But another important part is the thread. 

A few of our customers tell us how their current wallet falls apart after a few months. Well, on top of using cheap leather, another reason is the threading.


Using cheaper and lighter thread causes water, sunlight, mildew, and UV to penetrate into the stitches and damage the wallet. 

So choosing the correct thread can make all the difference in the sturdiness, longevity, and overall look for leather wallets.

We reached out to numerous leather craftsman and they recommend we use bonded nylon thread for long lasting durability. Bonded nylon is a strong thread, and the bonding process it undergoes adds strength and reduces friction when handcrafting the wallet. 

More importantly, it is also resistant to chemicals, abrasion, UV, mildew, and sunlight.

The Vinco Wallet is handcrafted with bonded nylon thread for maximum durability so you don't have to worry about buying another wallet for years.

For our wallets, we did many hours of extensive research on the best type of thread for our wallet and we narrowed it down to bonded 100% nylon thread.

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