Fat Wallet Will Hurt Your Back

When it comes to fat back pocket wallet, the one big thing most people do not know is that it can destroy your back!
According to Spine and Back Specialists, sitting on your wallet shifts your spine and hip into an abnormal position and presses up against your sciatic nerve (see image below). 

This causes inflammation on your lower back! 

And you don't have to be older to start getting lower back pain. I was in my early 30's when I started getting lower back pain so start taking care of your back now.

You can help yourself now by removing your wallet from your back pocket and put it in your front pocket.

This is critical if you have a job where you sit 8-9 hours a day like office jobs, truck drivers, etc. 

However, if your wallet is fat and bulky, it won't feel comfortable in your front pocket. 

You need to slim down your everyday carry.

In fact, over the past couple of months, we talked to dozens of our customers over the phone and one of the main feedback we got is wanting a slim wallet that will fit perfectly in the front pocket and carry cash and cards. 

So we are taking this feedback and focus on creating a minimalist wallet tailored to carry cards and cash and fit perfectly in your front pocket comfortably with the Vinco Wallet.

The Vinco Wallet is built to prevent bulkiness with a detachable black stainless steel money clip and 5 card slots that will hold 6-8 cards. 

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