How Aspiro Wallet Got Started

Based in the U.S., we created Aspiro (aspiro is a Latin term meaning to aspire) Wallet to bring new life into the minimalist leather wallet industry. 

After trying numerous wallets and interviewing our potential customers, we noticed 3 problems. 

Poor Design: Pulling the cards out of the card slot was difficult. You had to pinch your fingers and fumble around to look for your cards. 

Dull Style: Most brands provide plain boring black, brown wallets with no style. We looked at wallets in department stores, online and the lack of imagination with the colors is telling.

Sure, you could get a wallet with hippy patterns, but that doesn't appeal to many.

Poor Craftsmanship: The leather wallet in the industry cut corners and use leather made with toxic leather that is cheap and not durable. Below is my old "Genuine Leather" wallet after one year.

On top of that, the wallet is put together with cheap stitching and poor edge finishing which allows water to enter and rot the stitches.
So we made it our mission to provide a minimalist wallet made with the best materials, efficient design with no compromise and stylish. 

The first step in our mission is the Vinco Wallet. 

We use luxurious vegetable tanned leather from the top tanneries in Italy that is known for long lasting durability, and resistant to scratches and nicks.

Quick Access System is inserted at the bottom of every card slot so you don't have to pinch your fingers to pull your cards.

Every wallet is handcrafted using premium nylon threading that is resistant to weather, UV, abrasion, and mildew. 

We are offering premium minimalist leather wallet handcrafted with a focus on style, design, and craftsmanship because you deserve the best. 

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