How Fat Wallet Will Destroy Your Pants

There is nothing more ugly than a fat wallet sticking out your back pocket.

It is a bad reflection on you.

Imagine this, you are wearing a nice suit for a meeting with a client, your bosses or co-workers and everything fits perfectly...except your fat wallet sticking out from the back (see image below).

Not a good look!!!

A fat wallet also can destroy your pants and jeans. After sitting on your fat wallet for a while, it will create a crease in your back or front pocket and eventually create a hole.
The solution is obvious, get a slim wallet and put it in your front pocket. 

However, getting a slim wallet is half the battle. we bought many slim wallets in the past and those wallets still feel bulky when we put it in my front pocket. 

We tried the metal and screws cardholders and it didn't work for me. It felt sharp in my pocket and we don't like that we have to tri-fold my cash and stick it in there.

We wanted a quality leather wallet that can hold cards and cash without feeling bulky so we made it our mission to create the slimmest and functional leather wallet for cash and cardholders. 

So after countless hours designing the wallet, we made the Vinco Wallet.

The wallet is measured at 4.3 inches in length and 2.8 inches in width to optimally hold 6-8 cards and cash, and it will fit perfectly in your pocket comfortably without bulging in your pants.

We also noticed other money clip wallets do not close flat so we designed and tested the wallet to be linear so that it closes flat with or without the money clip. 

Nothing is worst than a wallet that doesn't close flat. It makes the wallet looks bulkier.

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