How We Make Our Minimalist Wallet

Have you ever bought those awful wallets from Amazon or department stores that become useless after a few months?

Do you know why those wallets fall apart so quickly? 

They mass produce their wallets with outsourced design and cheap materials with no quality control and originality.  

Aspiro Wallet takes pride in having total production control to ensure all of our wallets are well made.

We design the wallets in house and source high quality materials for maximum durability.

Also, to reduce waste and ensure the wallets are made to perfection, we produce in small batches and hired a quality control expert to inspect it before delivering to your door. 

The best part is of the process is our customers.

We are on a mission to handcrafting the best minimalist wallet in the world. To accomplish the mission, we talked to dozens of our customers over the phone for their feedback to tweak the design to their needs. 

And we plan to follow up with them after they purchased after a few weeks. 

Many of our customers told us they appreciate being involved in the brand and design process.

That is how much we value customers like you. Other brands use it as a slogan, but we walk the talk.

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