RFID Wallet Is A Must Have

A few of you asked me if the wallet has RFID protection technology.

Fear not my friend.

It definitely has RFID protection technology.

For those that never heard of it, RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It is a radio frequency chip installed in IDs and credit cards so you can make a transaction without contact. 

Keep in mind, not all cards have the RFID chip. Only a small percentage of cards have this technology. To find out if your card has the RFID chip, look for the radio wave symbol directly on your card.
The chip is a nice feature but the problem is hackers can get your credit card information using a device and without even touching you.
So we are including the RFID protection feature to ensure that doesn't happen to you. 

This technology is a thin layer of metal installed in the wallet and it prevent anyone with a hacking device from getting access to the RFID chip that has your credit card information. 

All it does is block incoming signals from the device so that it doesn't catch any of your credit card information.

It is a great feature if you live in a city where theft and hacking is common.

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