Our Leather 


We only use vegetable tanned leather from leather tanneries in Florence, Italy- known as the leather capital of the world

  • Use By-Product from Meat Industry
  • Do Not Source From Deforested Areas
  • Toxic-Free


Due to cost and lengthy tanning process, vegetable tanned leather only makes up 10% of the world's leather supply. Today, only a handful of tanneries worldwide still produce this luxurious leather.

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Most leather wallet are made with chrome leather that last less than a year.

Our leather gets better with time. Develops a rich patina - an indicator of quality and beauty 

Vegetable Tanned Leather (Our Leather)Chrome Based Leather
Length Of Production60-80 Days5-7 Days
DurabilityMore Than 10 YearsLess Than 1 Year
CostMore ExpensiveLess Expensive
Supply10% of World's Supply90% of World's Supply
Tanning AgentPlant-Based ExtractsChemical-Based Extracts
SmellNatural, EarthyNo distinct smell
FeelThicker & StiffThinner & Elastic
Appearance Over TimeDevelop rich patinaNo patina