Vinco Minimalist Wallet By Aspiro - PT1


Handcrafted Italian Leather Minimalist Wallet

Stylish With Maximum Durability To Declutter Your Everyday Carry


Wallets Don't Have To Be Boring

Tired of the plain boring black and brown wallets? We are introducing bold color combination that will elevate your style. Your family and friends will be dying to know where you got your wallet.

Organize Your Everyday Carry
With Ease
The Vinco Wallet is engineered to prevent turning into a "fat dad" wallet.  It can carry 6 to 8 cards with a detachable stainless steel money clip coated in a matte black finish. So whether you prefer to carry cash or no cash, this wallet is perfect for you. 
No Pinching or Nail-Chipping Neccessary
No more fumbling around to pull out your credit card or ID. We built quick access feature on every card slot so you don't have to pinch with your fingers to pull out your cards.
The quick access feature is efficiently designed to take out your cards with just a push using your thumb.
Italian Leather &
Nylon Threading For Maximum Durability

Did you know 90% of the wallets in the industry use cheaper chrome tanned leather made from toxic chemicals with no durability? We can do better. 


We source our leather from the same leather tanneries in Italy that supply the world's leading luxury brands. The full grain Italian leather is made using plant based extract for a soft, natural feel and develops a rich patina over time. 


Stitched with premium bonded nylon threading that is resistant to chemicals, UV, sunlight, abrasion and mildew for longer lasting durabilityGuaranteed to last a 5 times longer than your current wallet!

Save Your Back & Pants 
Did you know fat wallet is one of leading causes of back pain for men? That is why we designed our wallet fit in your front pocket with ease to reduce your chance of getting back pain.
A fat wallet also ruins your pants and stretch out your pocket. We designed our wallet to fit perfectly in your front pocket without the bulkiness.

Handcrafted & Made In Small Batches

Handcrafted by skilled leather craftsmen and made in small batch to reduce waste and to ensure your wallet is made to perfection.

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- Handcrafted Premium Italian Leather
- Quick Access Slots
- RFID Blocking Technology
-Made in Small Batches
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Based in the U.S,  Aspiro Wallet  (aspiro is a Latin term meaning to aspire) was created to breathe new life into the industry with stylish, durable and functional minimalist wallet you can carry with confidence. 

When handcrafting the wallet, we pay attention to the details because like the luxurious watch on your wrist or the classy car you drive, you deserve the best.

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